nubiah | nubiah – The new handcrafted strategy game for two
nubiah – The new handcrafted strategy game for two players. Support on indiegoogo
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nubiah is the brand new, addictive strategy game for two and simple to play.

The course of game can change in an instant for all players and the supposed looser will become the winner with a single move. Due to the many different possibilities within one game nubiah-lovers won’t become tired of playing. See for yourself and make your move. Prove your strategic thinking and play nubiah in our online version below.

About nubiah


Easy to play, hard to master.

nubiah is a new and tricky strategy game for 2 people, which demands tactical moves.

The clever and easily understood gameplay offers an even playing field for players of all ages. For that reason, nubiah attracts both young and old strategic game enthusiasts, whether it be the short game in between or a challenging one to boost the brain power.
nubiah‘s game mechanics have already impressed numerous people and are reminiscent of the award-winning strategy game Abalone.

How to play


The player, who brings all tiles of his color into the board first, wins.
Start the game by inserting one of your tiles anywhere on the board regardless of the direction.
The red-brown tile, pushed out of the board, is taken out of the game. Now it is the second player’s turn. Insert one of your tiles on the board.


The three major rules:
If there is an opponent‘s tile in the selected row, you are only allowed to insert your tile, if the sum of your pips including the pips of the chosen tile, is higher than the opponents sum in that row. Blank tiles have the value zero and do not increase the sum of the pips.
If a player‘s tile is pushed out of the game during a turn, it must be taken back by the player of the respective color and brought back into the game.
Every player is compelled to move, which might mean your are forced to push out one of your own tiles and take it back.
The game continues in this manner.
The player who inserts the last tile on the board, wins and ends the game.

nubiah Designs


We offer nubiah in three different designs.

Game elements of nubiah Classic and nubiah basic are manufactured with three different kinds of wood. Nubiah Box is made of cardboard. With these different designs we want to meet individual preferences. Make your choice, whether it be a more compact game to take with, or a high-quality and robust wooden board game.

Materials and manual Production


Each wooden game is unique.

nubiah is a game with character and durability,
which brings joy to you and gives entertaining game evenings for decades.
Of course, this requires optimal design and perfect craftsmanship.
The handcrafted wooden game versions are manufactured in a local joiner‘s workshop with three different kinds of wood.